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Troxy venue gig guide information

Troxy , 490 Commercial Road, E1 0HX (map)
Tel: 020 7790 9000
Nearest Tube : Limehouse
Best pub for a pre-gig drink: The Railway Tavern
Capacity: 2600
The Troxy is: A Citroen DS
Interesting fact: The Troxy was famous in the 1930s for its floodlit organ which rose from the orchestra pits during the interval when the Troxy was a cinema in the 1930s.

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How do I get to the Troxy? Take the DLR from Bank, alighting at Limehouse. Come out of the station and take a left along Commercial Road, from where it is a 7-minute walk.
Is there a cloakroom? Yes, queues don't seem too bad either.
Should I get there early? No real need to rush. Headliners usually come on at 9:00. If you get there early you could have a drink in the bar upstairs in the foyer area, or there are two bars in the main standing area, which is has a nice comfortable carpet on which plenty of people sit.
Is there anywhere to eat nearby? Aside from a couple of kebab shops there is a curry house on Commercial Road on the way to the venue

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Guide to the Troxy

The Troxy is a beautifully-converted 1930s cinema complete with art deco furnishings. Entering into a foyer area complete with Art Deco skylight, you either head up the stairs to the seating area or straight through the doors to the main standing area. The standing area is larger than it looks, and is a good rectangular space with a low ceiling and the stage straight ahead. There is a bar to the left and right, and the whole area is carpeted with art deco light fittings and exit signs. Moving forward towards the stage you reach a barrier, which is a fine place to stand. Alternatively you can move down the steps to either side of the barrier to the pit, from where you are slightly below the stage but the viewing is still good, and the atmosphere probably better. It is worth doing this before the main act comes on.

The stage itself is quite small, considering the size of the venue. The night I was there, to see Peter Doherty, it was a sell-out but it didn't feel cramped at all, with the exception of the pit area which as expected was a bit of a squeeze. The sound was good, although such is the size of the standing area that sound quality suffers towards the back. I had a great night in this stylish venue.

Looking back from the pit area you see the balcony, where the seats are laid out with tables and lamps, all very sophisticated and stylish. This is one of the few venues where sitting offers as good an experience as standing, and you should definitely consider it, unless you want to mosh.

Sound: 4/5
Viewing: 4/5
Style: 5/5

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User Reviews

Tickets were expensive, 25 for wilco, not sure if this is the venue or the band to blame but its a lot.

The Troxy is in the middle of nowhere, no life around the place, if you want to close the night with a few drinks and chat about the gig then you need to get on the DLR (and then the tube...) to get to civilization.

Security search your bags on the way in and make you throw away bottles of water, I've only seen this at big corporate american gigs before now. this is really bad, it was very very hot and this was just a cynical way to ensure the bar makes maximum profit.

Once inside the venue looks great, it is beautiful but the set up isn't good for gigs, the front lower floor is small and so it gets packed, instantly. The upper level (circle) is very deep so it generates a low ceiling over the rest of the ground floor which destroys the sound and because its very deep and level on the ground floor you can't see much either. Its like the forum but deeper and with a smaller lower level. The forum just about works except right at the back, here the sound just turns to mush.

I couldn't go upstairs as my ticket was standing only. Its possible that the sound is much better up there than downstairs at the back as the speakers look like they should deliver well up there.

The bar prices, 3.50 for a bottle (yes a small bottle) of becks, this is the cheapest drink available. The price is robbery but the worse thing is that you can't get a bigger drink, no pint glasses, so you spend all gig going to and from the bar.

And a nice final touch, there is one of those guys in the toilets who try to make money by giving you a paper towel and a squirt of soap.

All in all, its a beautiful venue but if you are going to a gig you pay for the band not the venue and the venue is poorly structured for gigs. Its also shockingly expensive. Wilco were great but I went home feeling mugged. Not a good sign for a venue, I'm not going back.

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A superb venue - very cool art deco furnishings, good sound, not much not to like really!


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Troxy info, London Venue Guide

The main foyer as you enter Troxy

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Balcony at the Troxy

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The carpeted bar of the Troxy

Troxy layout, London Venue Guide

Peter Doherty at the Troxy