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Dublin Castle Camden info GuideThe Dublin Castle, 94 Parkway, Camden NW1 7AN (map)
Tel: 020 7485 1773
Nearest Tube : Camden Town
Best pub for a pre-gig drink:The Dublin Castle itself
Capacity: 150
The Dublin Castle is: A Morris Minor
Interesting fact: The Dublin Castle was a virtual second home for Madness in the 1980s. The video for their 1980 hit My Girl was shot in the pub.

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How far from Camden Tube Station is it? 5 minutes walk. Come out of the tube station and cross the road. Walk straight up Parkway, opposite the tube station, and it is about five minutes walk up the road on the right.
Is there a cloakroom? No.
Should I get there early? No real need unless you are seeing a band that is likely to sell out and you haven't booked your tickets. The back room is so small that you will have a decent view from wherever you are.
Anywhere to eat nearby? Plenty of fast food joints around the tube station, and some decent sandwich places on the way to the pub on Parkway.

Dublin Castle Venue Guide

The Dublin Castle is one of Camden's most famous music clubs, popular with Madness in the late 1970's and the London indie scene of the late 1980's. It was somewhat overshadowed by the Good Mixer in the 1990s, the rival Camden boozer which found favour with the Britpop pack. Today it regularly hosts live gigs, including secret warm-ups from the likes of Babyshambles.

The bar area itself is a pleasant enough space to enjoy a drink, with plenty of seats, mirrors on every wall, friendly bar staff, a great jukebox and low-key red lighting. Unfortunately, on the occasions we have visited, the place has been let down by the toilets. We're not fussy here at London Venue Guide, and whilst we only consider toilet paper and a lock to be nice things to have on a cubicle, we believe a door is pretty essential, and there was rather a nasty mess in the Gents on both of our visits. Nevertheless, this is the Camden music scene.

Live music takes place in a room to the back of the pub. Unlike the Windmill, where you pay as you enter the pub, at the Dublin Castle you pay as you enter the back room, usually £5. Whilst this does separate the main pub from the live music, it means performances are quite intimate affairs. The rooms has a rectangular stage and a bar beyond to the left hand side. The acoustics are good, as is the viewing. Pick a busy night and there is a great atmosphere here.

Sound: 4/5
Viewing: 4/5
Style: 4/5

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Photo Gallery:

Dublin Castle Camden Guide

Exterior of the Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle camden venue guide

The bar area of the Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle Venue Guide

Cat Matador in the Back Room of the Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle Camden guide

Babyshambles at the Dublin Castle